Brey Coffee Table

Designed to highlight the natural beauty of Queensland Maple by elevating this slab on two angled panes of glass.

LUNA-1 | Denis Godin X Nick Kazakoff | IDS 13

In Collaboration with Nick Kazakoff

Taking visual cues from spacecraft and satellites, this chair calls to mind the sense of precision common to man-made objects destined for orbit. LUNA-1 utilizes hexagonal rod, a plasma cut faceted steel bucket seat, and reflective upholstery to suggest an aesthetic built for space.

LUNA-1: furniture for the cosmos.

Gold space blanket cushion detail.

Legs fit for a moon lander.

Safe from a fall. Steel shell secures spacemen.

Felt Lamp Collaboration

Felt lamp on display at "Sweat of Our Brow" design exhibition.
Felt lamp on display at “Sweat of Our Brow” design exhibition.

Lamp is a collaboration with Gavin Macaulay. Table by Denis Limitovski.

Felt lamp shade
Felt lamp shade

We made this shade by splitting a thick piece of felt and inserting brass sheets inside, which act as a reflector. The strip of felt on the spine of tamp allows the cord to easily be adjusted if needed.

Tilt adjustment knob
Tilt adjustment knob